Anti-aging therapy, plastic and esthetic surgery

...I had really bad discoloration areas to my bilateral upper cheek on my face. That is almost completely gone. Every morning I can see the skin sloughing off my cheeks and literally comes off using my fingertips. That is amazing! I have been comparing pictures of myself taken three months ago and even two weeks ago, and the results are so amazing! I look younger today, than even two weeks ago. This anti-aging is really working. I even got told I look younger now than in the pictures. I was so happy I wanted to do backflips! The trip to Stem Cell Clinic was a trip of a lifetime. The treatment we received, ranging from care from the physicians to the drivers taking us to and from, was just remarkable. The time and effort that is given to each family is construed well and the result is an amazing trip with the most wonderful people in the world. Joseph goes far and beyond to make sure that we are all taken care of, and makes sure all our needs are met. All the people we met were just absolutely wonderful. I am so grateful for all they did for us. Many blessings to every one of them. I am so in love with the staff at the Clinic, because they are all just beautiful people inside and out. That is how I truly feel. That is how wonderful this trip really was. To all that participated in our care and health...I am very appreciative. M.N.
The testimonial of the patient M.N.Patient M.N., Age: 42, Gender: Female, Country: USA, Diagnosis: Anti-aging treatment
You have been in my thoughts frequently for a number of reasons. First, I was really impressed by the warmth and hospitality shown to me by you, your colleagues and the staff at the clinic. Secondly, the effect of the treatment was quite dramatic. In one way it is good that I waited until now to write to you as it allows show the benefits from the therapy. I will outline these below for your consideration:
  • My energy level is much higher. I was really active physically during my holiday in Indonesia and I never was tired. I am now able to play 2 to 3 hours of tennis without undue strain and my body seems to recuperate more quickly.
  • My mental processes has improved. I feel that I concentrate better, that my thought processes are clearer and quicker. Again, I seemed to be able to work long hours and still concentrate and work more effectively.
  • My sexual capacity has improved dramatically.
Several people commented how I look younger. ...The treatment was very effective and I am satisfied with the great results...
Letter from the patient G.K. after the first course of anti-aging treatmentPatient: G.R.C., Age: 67, Gender: Male, Country: France, Diagnosis: Aging. The involutional syndrome. Climax