Diabetes and autoimmune diseases

One month after the fetal stem cell transplantation the patient reported the following improvements:
  • blood pressure normalization
  • blood sugar normalization
  • significant improvement of ability to work: doesn’t get tired works fulltime
  • for the first time in many years he can sleep well all night
he stopped having pains in his heart when making love with his wife
Feedback of the patient suffering from advanced type 2 diabetes mellitusPatient: A., Age: 54, Gender: Male, Diagnosis: Advanced decompensated type 2 diabetes mellitus. Ischemic heart disease: atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis, atherosclerosis of aorta and coronary atherosclerosis. Status post coronary artery bypass graft (April 2008). Atrioventricular block, I stage. Arterial hypertension, I degree. Cardiac insufficiency I, functional class-II. Urinary stone disease: nephrolithiasis, urinary syndrome., Country: Qatar
After the first course of stem cell treatment, the patient wrote us the following: Good morning, I want to thank the staff of the clinic for the wonderful job they have done. I feel very good and my blood sugar is within the normal range (96-107) and 126-140 in 2 hours after eating. I want to thank God and the doctors for giving me the cure and good spirit. Sincerely yours, M.A.
The letter from the patient M.A. after the first course of treatmentPatient: M.A., Age: 49, Gender: Male, Diagnosis: Advanced subcompensated diabetes mellitus, type 2. Hypertension. Grade III diabetic nephropathy. Grade I renal insufficiency. Ischemic heart disease (IHD): atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis. Grade IIA cardiac insufficiency. Chronic gastritis, duodenitis (incomplete remission). Deforming arthrosis of the left knee joint., Country: UAE